Energiaklub is twenty-five years old!

We have been working for twenty-five years towards a climate- and people-friendly, green and democratic energy system in Hungary.

Twenty-five years is a long time. We saw prime ministers and state secretaries coming and going, policies changing, and civil society organizations collapsing. We are proud that despite all the struggles, we have constantly been able to operate with a solid staff.

We have achieved a lot during these twenty-five years, however, we still have dreams to fulfill. We are now celebrating the success of the last 25 years with our partners and friends, and ask for their support for the next 25 years.

We are having our 25th Birthday-Party  in the Marionett Craft Beer House on December 2nd at 6.30 pm. Please join us, let's celebrate together!

5 Dec 2016

Who captured Hungarian energy policy, and how?

Our latest study by the Corruption Research Center Budapest (CRCB) explores what is known as the MET-case, based on documents, company data, media publications and interviews performed during the research. The analysis of the social and business network of the ten main persons involved in the case shows that the central actors of the network were Sándor Csányi and Zsolt Hernádi. Based on their positions, theoretically, they were the ones who were able to influence the MVMP-MET transaction most...

1 Dec 2016

Budaörs reduced emissions by 15%

  City of Budaörs, as a member of Covenant of mayors, has a voluntary target to reduce it's CO2-emissions by 20% until 2020. The monitoring of the SEAP and evaluation of the current situation were performed by Energiaklub this year. 

1 Dec 2016

Green Public Procurement for climate protection

The European Green ProcA project with participation of 7 countries finished in Autumn 2016. The main aim of the project was to highlight the long-term benefits of the green public procurement in municipalities and provide adequate information about the green processes. Energiaklub was one of the co-beneficiaries of the project.


ECCSSafe – Exploring the contribution of civil society to safety (Deliverable 3: Proposal of guidelines for larger-scale research)

From the 1990’s to now, the European context has been marked by the emergence and the reinforcement of reflections and research on the contribution of civil society to the quality of decisions concerning hazardous activities in risk governance studies (cf. TRUSTNET European research projects series, the works of O. Renn, the works of the International Risk Governance Council). It has also been marked by the development of various legal, institutional and regulatory arrangements aiming to...

Alternative and Sustainable Energy Scenarios for Hungary

We do not need nuclear power to secure Hungary's future energy needs. 50% of the total primary energy use, and more than 80% of the produced electricity could be provided by renewable sources, while keeping safety of energy supply. That was the result of the recently published energy modelling research of the German Wuppertal Institut and Energiaklub. Following the GREEN scenario would be not only beneficiary from climate and energy security aspects, but also from economical aspects since...


2 Dec 2016 - 8:30pm - 3 Dec 2016 - 1:00am

Marionett Craft Beer House

Dear Friend, We would like to invite you to Energiaklub’s 25th Birthday Celebration and Donation Night. Let’s...

Sustainable Communities in Southeastern Europe

25 Feb 2014 - 9:30am - 4:30pm

Athens (Greece)

Being on halfway of our implementation, we organize a Mid- term event on 25, February 2014 in Athens.